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"Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina" documentary trailer (9 minutes)

Leonard Rogoff and Steve Channing -
"Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina: (60 minutes) (Down Home materials courtesy of the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina)

The Chabad of Chapel Hill and Durham

Don Alon - "1972 Munich Israeli Olympic Team Survivor"

Joyce Antler - Passing the "Torch of Idealism"; Gertrude Weil as Southern Jewish Citizen-Activist

Ralph Appelbaum -
"United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Design Insights"

Jonathan Boyarin - "Just Jewish Enough: Thinking Jewish in the Self-Portraits of Rafael Goldchain"

John Coffey - "The Judaic Art Gallery at the North Carolina Museum of Art"

Community Theatre of Greensboro - "Jewish Broadway"

Eli Evans - "Southern Jewish Insights into the Religious Ethos in the South Today"

Eli Evans - "Coming Home - Stories About Growing Up Jewish in Durham"

Marcie Cohen Ferris -
"Matzoh Ball Gumbo - Culinary Tales of the Jewish South"

Rabbi Ari Margolis - "Science and Judaism"

Rabbi Frank Fischer - "Interviewed by Aaron Balleisen" (Audio Program)

Rabbi Frank Fischer - "A Tribute to Rabbi Frank Fischer, Lerner Community Day School"

Henry Fuchs - "A Child of Holocaust Survivors"

Yoav Gelber - "Changing Israel's Ethos: Recent Transformations in Israeli Society"

Rabbi Daniel Greyber  -
"JFED  Foundation of Durham/Chapel Hill 15th Year Anniversary"

Paula Hyman - "Gender, Antisemitism and Modern Jewish Identity"

Jewish Family Services Clinical Connections - "Jewish Perspectives on Care at End of Life" Michael Goldman, Rabbi: Cheryl Tarash, MSW, LCSW: James Tulsky, M.D.

Jewish Federation of  Durham/Chapel Hill - Endowment Fund Video

Tamara Levitz - "Kurt Weill's Kol Nidre and Jewish Memory"

Leon Leyson -"Youngest Person on Schindler's List"

Simone Lipman - "Jewish Women in the French Resistance"

Ian Lustick - "The Wizard Behind the Curtain: The De-Fetishization of Jerusalem and the Prospects for Israeli-Palestinian Peace"

Lenny Krazelburg - "My Life as a 4-time Gold Medalist - Build the "J" Soiree"

Jodi Magness - "The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls"

Pamela Nadell -
"From Haven to Home: Celebrating 350 Years of American Jewish Life"

State of North Carolina Holocaust Commemoration (2013)

Steve Oney -
"Southern Jews Before and After the Lynching of Leo Franks"

Steven Rosenberg  "A Jew's Guide to Dying, Death and Mourning"

"Songs by SABABA - Recorded at NC Hillel
on November 14, 2007-Too Cool for Shul"

Jeff Spinner-Halev - "Understanding the Situation in Israel"

Jennifer Stollman - "Southern Jewish Activists: The Response of Nineteenth-Century Woman to Anti-Semitism"

Bernice Steinhardt -
"Fabric of Survival: The Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz"

Torah of the Elders - Honoring Albrecht Strauss

Triangle Jewish Chorale - "Hillel Performance 2009"

Triangle Jewish Chorale -  "and Fearrington Havurah - May 10, 2009"

Triangle Jewish Chorale - The Cedars - May 2, 2010

Triangle Jewish Chorale - Ladino Melodies

Triangle Jewish Chorale - "Down Home - The Cantata"

Two Israeli Soldiers - "The War Against Hezbullah in South Lebanon"

WhatNotToLike (Fall of 2012)

Michael Walzer - "Morality and Universalism in Jewish Thought"

Stephen Whitfield - "The (Harry) Golden Era of Civil Rights"